In abrahamic religions, people worship a god as an outside force ….No doubt there is an outside force, our body is the results of many causes and consequences and find his material roots in the universe itself. But if all is ruled from the outside, after God, scientific laws, inner intelligence is unuseful . Often , in these cultures, inner intelligence is often located in the texts.

In Eastern religions, people look for experiencing God from inside ….No doubt it s the only way to experience God. Esoteric aspects of abrahamic religions said the same, like sufism. Being focused on inner intelligence makes us forget the importance of appearance in human relationships. Communication is a human art.

But no one workships  the experience of full connections in the human journey …

Being compassionnate is a topic well documented and requires inner intelligence but how to inspire a compassionate attitude : by understanding appearance, peaceful relationships is understanding what we give to the senses of others.

not an accident if the rhétoric is a topic treated by ancient greeks ….. Rhetoric is the art of being right, not the art to say the truth.

I believe the geographical environnement shaped the way the different cultures formed their spiritual beliefs …. 

Greek islands and middle east , roots of the wEstern cultures was a small space with many different tribes … Conflicts were very common. Rules should be found to unify people.  

Valleys or mountains in Asia are more dangerous places where collaboration could guarantee survival.

From my view, with abrahamic cultures, we must touch the emotions … the least defended part. In the trilogy, Ethos Pathos Logos , the scholars with the best logos are the least famous…. It s so important to impress or create an emotional link.

In Eastern cultures, being straight is a guarantee of success …. People with more inner intelligence love straight people and act efficiently as straight person.

A Westerner needs to argue, when an Easterner needs to act ….

The best way to lose never an argumentation is to be beyond contestation …. And social intelligence and appearance play a lot.

The best way to act always good is planning everything well, being sure you can explain easily your intentions.