Our journey about health : 

"Be Happy and useful" : What is the social model ? 

Why Traditional Tibetan Medicine ? 

We imagine easily Traditional Chinese Medicine because of  martial arts practitioners and Energy (QI) projections. There is no QI projection in Sowa Rigpa , so, we have to consider Traditional Tibetan Medicine is the Science of the right view, of the correct perception. And then, at this moments energy flows ... If Chinese QI is projected from a strong mind, Tibetan LOONG appears from the  right perception of our own nature and the world. And Disability, like in my life, is the best topic to consider the nature of our perception. Are we judgmental ? .... Judging is a far easier way to see the world than thinking, but feeling is still higher level PS : This pic has been taken in Berlin in august 2021.... during the marathon. it was funny in my case to wait 45 minutes standing TO LET THE PRIORITY  for thousands runners. ..... it never happened before and I ask the policewoman to take the pic. That s the nature of Sowa Rigpa, extra energy comes from a correct view ! 

About me

My name is Michael J.P. LAURENT.  Born in 1976, I observed how the modern society lets no room for difference and creativity. Conformism is the Key pillar of this Era..... Influenced by a quote from His Holiness the Dalai Lama about the meaning  of life : "Be happy and  useful" , I would like to use my background and my knowledge in tibetan medicine to develop the social model related with these wonderful  words. Once, fully develop, our model will be used to develop a kind of "PURE LAND" in the METAVERSE which will be named CREATIS ("you create" in Latin language) . Gratitude to my teachers Dr Nida Chenagstang and Dr Lhakpa Dolma . PS : my twitter account https://twitter.com/Tinsoldier2022 

Our Hypothesis

eThe human being has social needs. But it s better  when it comes from people who really like you .... and let you be yourself. it means most people we met will NEVER fill our social needs, they could  fill only your economical needs. In this case, we need to feel confident and show a healthy self affirmation. And the best way is showing what is driving you, what is your purpose in life ! There is nothing great to look inferior to avoid bothering someone . So, we consider a sustainable social model as two pillars : 1) knows thyself and be able to communicate your message 2) a clear understanding of the economical , financial and monetary system because you can t be useful without understanding how economy, as ressources management works"

The Root Tantra in Tibetan Medicine : let s start our journey 

The Four Tantras (Gyuzhi, རྒྱུད་བཞི། ) are representating the global sum of information and knowledge about the medical science in the Tibetan and Himalayan tradition !

Sowa Rigpa, the Tibetan Science of Health and Happiness has indigenous influence as well as indian, chinese, persian, greek background and has spread in large zones in Asia , and until Russia through Buryatia before to go in the West.

We can say Sowa Rigpa is a kind of environmental medicine.  It means we establish a close link between our health condition and our environnement and especially our natural environnement.

The four tantras are four books, written and formalized from the 8th century by Yuthok Yonthen Gonpo and until the 12 th century , the four books are divided on the following way :

1) the Root tantra , give us a global vision about health and disease in the Tibetan medical science . The metaphor used to define it is the seed

The root tantra has 6 chapters

2) Explanatory tantra is focused to give us more details .. the metaphor is the sun , so it brings us light

The explanatory tantra has 11 branches, 31 chapters

3) Oral tantra to give all the tools about health issues. he gives us answer , so ( the metaphor to define it is wish fulfilling jewels)

The oral tantra has 15 branches, 92 chapters to cover all the aspects of human health`

4) Final tantra is focused on external therapies and practical aspects ( it is like diamond as an weapon who defeat all diseases

The final tantra has 4 branches, 25 chapters

These add up to the one hundred and fifty four chapters of the Gyushi or Four Medical Tantras. With the conclusion and the complete entrustment chapters it comes to one hundred and fifty six chapters.

We will start this journey to develop the social model considering the root tantra and its 6 chapters …

The  first chapter is the basis of discussion.; it give us the spiritual and methodological pattern of Sowa Rigpa … here, We will appreciate the huge symbolism of the city of Tanadug. The first chapter develops on this way the 5 perfections : perfect location , time, teacher, subject and disciple. In the first chapter, we see too that Sowa Rigpa is not only for buddhists but for everyone.

The second chapter is the enumeration of all the chapters of the four tantras. It s an invitation to travel deep in this science. If the root tantra is enough for very smart people to understand the medical science in Tibet, the four tantras together give a profound teaching

The Third chapter is the tree of the health and disease , it explains the laws of disease. The organization of the knowledge in Sowa Rigpa is often summarized in Trees .... it s a technical advice to remember better : drawing trees.

This tree has  2 TRUNKS. The use of a tree as a symbolic image is related with the impact of the natural environnement for the human health.

The third chapter develops the relationship between body energy and mind and the concept of interdependence. Keeping the health is keeping the ability to get balance with body, balance with energy and balance with mind ! And balance between body energy we also say speech, and mind.

The third chapter argues that the root cause of diseases are the 3 mental poisons (desire, ignorance, and anger) because a happy and peaceful mind is seen as at the root of health , but diseases are activated by the 4 secondary causes seasons, provocation (it means external influences, sprit attacks ), uncorrect diet and incorrect life style .

The interesting thing is that Plato said something similar about the humain condition : “Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire (LOONG), emotion (TRIPA), and knowledge (BEKEN). ”

The tree of health show us the 15 energies to balance the enrgetical condition ,  the 7 body constituants, the 3 excretions to balance the body, and the 3 spiritual fruits dharma, wealth happiness and the 2 flowers good health and long life ! To balance the mind

The tree of disease is organized to show us how the unbalanced energetic conditions named nyepas, are located in different places in the body and how the diseases runs in the body . We see also in the third chapter that the disease can have too main natures : hot and cold

The fourth  chapter is the tree of diagnosis

The tree of diagnosis a also 3 trunks based on obvsertation , palpation and asking questions  ,

1) with observation specially  the Tongue and the urine ….In Sowa Rigpa, there is a relationship between the Tongue and the Heart and the urine with the kidney as the result of a filtration in our organism …it means , two ways, among others, to get precious information about the physical body

2) Pulse reading help us to get information at the energetic level … using the heart beat at a correct distance of the heart !

3) Asking questions help us to have infirmation about the symptoms , the diet and the life style to recognize what is the nyepa involved in the disease.

The fifth  chapter is the tree of treatment

The tree of treatment have four trunks but can be divided 2 main part , Newa means prevention and

Sowa healing

The four trunks are Diet , life style, medication, and external therapies

As a part of preventive action, we have diet and lifestyle ,

1) About the Diet, … we can consider foods as our first médecine , because we are that we eat and in this tree , food are ranked depending tastes and potencies to rebalance the body .

2) Life style … is used to rebalance the mind respecting the concept of interdependence

And for healing , we have herbal medicine and external therapies

3) The herbal medical knowledge is based on tastes and potencies against the caractéristics of the nyepas … medicines can have different shapes depending the nyepas and the pathologies.

4) On the same way, external therapies can change depending the nyepas and  the pathologies

Chapter 6 is the enumerations of metaphors and their meanings, it s summary of the tantra

From this knowledge, there are enough tools available to understand how the socialization can have a bad impact on the health ....

Once upon a time, the meaning of life 

I imagine the human being like a tree :

  • The roots are our conditions, where we come from … pshycially , socially, culturally, economically . Changing conditions is hard and require outside support but it s perfectly realistic. Our conditions do not make us who we are.
  • The trunk is our education, the value we bring , the experiences we have accumulated , our character. The trunk is more difficult to reeducate, but can be oriented
  • The branches are our purpose . What do we produce ? shadow, fruits, leaves, smells . The production is clearly determined by the trunk

  • All the social life is based on two concepts : the community and the society.The community is protective for the individual. The, we have common interests and values. But does not authorize so much flexibilityThe society is a dynamic system of social arrangements , less protective but more flexible .

Our first theory for this social model is considering than the FLOOD has had a big impact on the human collective consciousness. The flood is present in most of the traditions and is related with the flandrian transgression.

The level of the sea, especially in the West and the middle east goes up around 100 meters in a. Relatively Short period of time and the sand on the beaches worldwide are related with this event.

The Flandrian transgression is due to the melting of all the ice recovering Europe …, so it was a so natural event… but, it created a big climate change and was the preliminary to the development of agriculture.

I think the human beings interpreted this massive change as something surnaturel …. The anger of God , because the k knowledge around this melting has not been available. It means te social homeostasis became much more important for survival … Agriculture requires a collective efforts and a seasonal planification .…

The peaceful mind of the hunter gatherer, living in the present, has been forgotten …. That s our hypothesis ! The slit between the mankind and the world around him comes from the flood.

So, it teaches us than the human mind ‘ ability to interpret events is the root cause of his behaviors ….

We also consider an obvious link between homeostasis and self awareness or primitive consciousness ….

If you shorten the History of Earth in a year …. Mono cellular life appear quickly in the late February and photo synthesis in the late of march. Photo synthesis helped mono cellular life to change the Earth and much later in November …. Multi cellular life appeared and first amphibians in december. More homeostasis because complex, more the number of living species are exploding …..

Homeostasis is the ability for a cell to self regulate and to recover his natural stability after a outside contraint … it means a kind of self awareness.

So, we are not socially happy naturally because we can only interpret life on an unique and challenging way, between our Neo cortical (analytic, rationality ) and our limbic system (more connected with our emotions), …. But the contraint to live in a society force us to adopt common beliefs and values … and to feel guilty.

We believe we can be happy if we become able to affirm what drive us in the society , if we can offer the world an unique way to see the world and if we have the ability to express it ! Because our unique vision to see the world can be shared … Each of us have his inner truth, but let make it a positive reality to be shared .

Th Etymology of "Luxury" is LIGHT, ...your own light ! 


All the History of Mankind is based on the ability and the rationality, never on the perception and creativity. But if we have been create "at the image of God", we are designed to create  

Be Ego centered but Self less , express your unicity, finding a deep sense of meaning , but don t take anything personal .... 

Low people JUDGE, Average people THINK but only the more balanced people, connected with their intuition FEEL ! Because they have SELF CONFIDENCE. When our lives have a meaning, the self affirmation is stronger. 

"If you want to please everyone, don t be a leader, sell ice cream" - Nick Saban , HC Alabama Football team 

The IDC : Institute for the Development of CREDAT™


PURPOSE : Tokenization of the monetary base as a creation of money supply and integration of the cryptos technology

Money is probably one of the most important human concept but also a misunderstood concept. Money is the root of many wars and struggles…. But is Money like Evil ? I don t think so.

The etymology of the verb « to pay » is the latin verb PACARE which mean « make peace ». In complex social interactions, we have to show gratitude and recognition. So, money should be a social tool to make peace.

However, money became very often a tool of social domination, because peace and control are really close. We know the latin quote « si vis pacem, para bellum » , « who want peace have to prepare war.

so, if we step aside from the dark side of the mankind and stay focus of the nature of money, we see that , for a very long period, money has taken the form of tangible assets. Monetary systems using gold, silver and copper were very common. They showed us the need for currencies to hoard and currencies to use. Gold coins were hoarded, copper coins circulated easily.

stamps, shells, stones, playing cards, tokens etc …. The form of money has changed depending historical contexts.

Paper money appeared in China but spread in the West. At the origin, paper money is a promise. Instead to travel far with an amount of gold, the traveler had a paper and the guarantee to find gold at his destination. Since 1971, paper money is not anymore backed by a tangible asset. It s only a debt, emitted from the most liquid assets of a central bank. And the Fractional Reserve Banking System created différent monetary aggregates less and less liquid.

All the system is based on the CREDIT ! But what is the etymology of credit ? It came from the latin verb CREDERE , believe … at the present tense and indicative mode.

It seems that The key issue of all the financial problems worldwide are the quality of the assets owned by the central banks…. The system works with the western currencies as assets for the central banks worldwide.

But there are various opinions on the quality of these currencies as assets. And to buy them, all the countries must give something tangible.

This system authorizes the western countries to spend without real limits … and this unlimited spending decreases the value of the western currencies. So, all other countries do worthless efforts to buy USD, EURO , GBP …..

Russia and china seem working on an alternative system backed by a basket of currencies and energy and gold …. It s an interesting vision ! It should create a sustainable unit of account , Like the euro could have been, if we have kept parity between each national currency and the euro, as a common currency, but not an unique currency.

I believe that the system of credit creates a social and environnemental pressure on the planet which is unsustainable at global scale…..

The credit had sense in a merchant economical system and appeared as the monetary paradigm in this situation but is not sustainable for an entire society. Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, we see currencies born, live and died …. The credit requires a unlimited creation of money supply. Recession are used to cope with inflation and create social traumas.

Before capitalism, people became rich only by wars, slavery and robbing. Capitalism authorized the creation of value, by adding value and helping others. Financial capitalism can t be too much disconnected to reality … and financial capitalism is not capitalism. Financial capitalism works by a smart understanding of the monetary uses. Friedrish Hayek has developed a theory about the competition between currencies …, but he had not the technology of cryptos and blockchain. Now, I really believe this theory can be socially helpful.

Cryptos are not yet money , because cryptos are not a tool for peace yet, only a tool for speculation ….

We believe in a monetary system for the future split in a two part :

the first part regulated by law with several major big currencies, well backed with an international control and used at a regional and international level. This money supply would be regulated by the law

The second part is a massive use of tokens and social cryptos at local level. I really believe about the need to develop education and intelligence about monetary issues. This money supply would be regulated by the purpose.

Crowdfunding, NFT , tokens, stable coins are significant tools to help companies to fund themselves instead to use the stock market which take time and depends entirely of the monetary policies.

The globalization is entering in a. Reversal process … and the world is becoming highly elitist. Without some action, poverty and inequality will still increase . We have to give human beings the right social tools.

That s the purpose of the CREDAT which means « I believe « in latin, but at subjonctif tense …. And which represent the money creation of token and social cryptos.

the main idea is to make the money creation MORE AND MORE LIQUID, instead to less and less with fractional reserve banking ……

Currently, cryptos money are traded , but only used as currency in desperate situations… and not with great results. Because the lessons about Gold money have not been learned : Scarcity does not make a money, liquidity and trust make a money …. And liquidity should involve a cultural dimension. Keep in mind money is a social tool !

Complementary currencies are an nice attempt to develop social links in a special community … but, it s not really money, but you can t use complementary currency as a capital.

So, the current attempt of diversification for money are brave but not accurate, because they want to fight the current financial and monetary system. The project around the CREDAT is différent … We start from the current system and we believe we correct something wrong and bring something new.


By tokenizing tangible cash, using a personalized unit of account or ad hoc currency, 1) , we are not feeding inflation …. This cash is « frozen » but from it, we create a financial liquidity regulated by the purpose and we develop more social links. Being paid does not involve necessary money, it can t involve also exchange of services or donations …. It means we create the root for the creation of value , without the predation connected with the fractional reserve banking.

The use of a such system would have a major change : inflation control …… The currency should not decrease in value because the money supply won t increase so artificially. It means inflation would happen only on « availability » ….. , not on demand.

It will be a personalized liquidity for each specific purpose….

For example, What can we do with Hvrynia ?

Ukrainians refugees struggles to change their Hrynias … We could keep the Ukrainian currency tokenized it and make a token to be used by some businesses as a sign a solidarity with Ukraine …

If Hvrynia collapse, the token will be backed by all the energy developed to create useful exchanges and new values

If Hvrynia does not collapse, the useful exchanges and new values created will have a tangible capital to manage more tangible actions

However, this Micro finance Institute will be created from the Taiwanese Dollar. From my view, that's the best currency to launch this process. 


Co producer of the Russian documentary ZAKURA, made by Ivan Vdovin, about early weddings among Beduins, Background actor in Maitre d'arme, by Vincent Perez, I am interested to create contents , scripts to emphasize the meanings for life. 

IDC : the blog of the CREDAT

We really want to bring our contribution to the financial and monetary change in the world... On the blog below, we will develop the journey of the CREDAT.