My involvement in the Real Estate business !!

The Real estate business works or worked  on the foliowing principles :
1) creating Assets for banks through loans
2) managing full of services around the house as a physical entity
3) be sure to sell the house at an higher price

So, real estate is really related with the financial industry.

On my father 's legacy , my brother in law invented a new method :  ......... which could fit extremely well in a period where the financial industry is in trouble. I was the owner, after donation from my father,   of a part of a big house where i lived , inside a big area with 3 houses. , for my 3 half sisters , including one who has been adopted, much older than me and my mother.
Legacy is most often a destructive family event ! and it was not an exception ......  My mum had psychological problems and the 3 half sisters "cared" about her ..., managing her assets on their own interest. The great advantage was ISOLATING ME !
I wanted to leave the joint ownership and protect my mum assets, ...... None of us had cash to manage a real estate project on this property.
First idea is the following one : when you have no cash, don t make credit , use other 's cash ! How ?? by having a project ..... My relatives wanted to manage the entire property and divide them in small parts to sell high. On this way, controling my mum was good. But They could not control me, so, theey bashed me , using the fact i am disabled. I am above the knee amputee. I am frencha nd france has been on european court many times for bad treatments and bad inclusions of disabled.
in a good story, to enhance the perception of a hero, you need a vilain. I was it ..... the unorthodox guy who will be unable to manage the legacy of his father.
most of social mechanisms in the society are not based on support and move up people,; but on control. and the best way to avoid control is being well rooted. I was not at this time.
They found a man to purchase my part , after having harassed me 2 years ..... but the man never wanted to sign with me, because of my disability and all the bashing he heard, so he forced me to sign a power of attorney ..... on a violent method. it s illegal in France, but disabled people are second class citizens in the country. and the money i should i have invest, helped me to survive because i was stayed homeless for months.
As a disabled in france, you are a guilty person who can t fit with the system !

But there is a real business plan in this method for the current real estate market .....
1) Project gives you the real control, not money

2) a loan from a bank is a responsability on your shoulders, other s cash is the responsability for others. you just need a good narrative where there is a vilain, because you must be the hero

3) keep the appearance of a respectable person !! because Justice is not blind and you need to transform you as respectable person . My brother in law won its responsability , taking care of my mother 's part. He purchased her part without paying it , the contract said he will pay when he will sell. NO RISKY

Power is in knowledge, not in money .... Knowing how to use things is more important than possess them ,
People are greedy, sell them profits , dreams or benefits ... and they can give their souls
Be the savior, keep the appearance of the Good guy !
The first point about power is true in all cases. For the second point, you have the choice : sell dreams or sell a vision. Selling a vision will make you catch much less people, but the right one !! we can use people deficiencies or enhance their strengths . First is easier, for sure , but people will be in thsi case eager to see profits much faster than with the otehr group who will want to see improvements first.
Third point, .... a human being should be judged on his/her actions .... only ! we live in a society focused on appearance
the Era of my brother in law is over !!!