When I lost my leg at 25 years old , because of a cancer, I was really surprised to be moved away, like if I could never recover .... I was classified as an unsuseful person, with social guilt and no social support ! 23 years later, I have still no artificial leg on a sustainable way.

Then, Mahanidhi helped me to understand the social recognition is a trap in the abrahamic religions .... A kid needs social recognition, an adult not. And it s true, than in Abrahamic religions .....We remain under a tutelage ..." our life has been decided " "there is a purpose" .

I grew up in a Christian environment , I worked with Jews as a gemmologist ..... there is not really  self questioning process !

So, as an amputee, I was out of the legimacy of a social recognition .....  because my leg won t regrow. It means people seek more social recognition than their own health and well being. Self love is seen as arrogance .... but health is the most primary self love. Where do we live 24/7 for our entire life ? OUR BODY

My personal re birth has been when I have been picked as extra actor in 2 big movies , I was picked ... for my body, ! and people cared well about me.

Socially, all is organized to make move up the more conform people , the less creative , the less innovative ......Social control is everywhere ? why ? to live in pace socially, a shared vision is mandatory , not a social control.

Social control lead us to ACCUMULATION ..... , because the super power of money ! money became a surrogacy social support, instead capital remain only a energy to create something .

At the beginning, the banks should make the link between those who had inactive capital and those in need of captal !

And to have capital , you need to inspire trust , so social control is seen as good .......The mistake is to think about money before to thing about ideas, projects ....

a real leader, a good teacher and an entrepreneur has to be able to communicate his vision are servant, they want to bring value.

So, it seems we wanna be "micro God" with control on our environnement ..... As an amputee, I never insîred the trust related with control ! so, I was also moved away of the society on the field.

and I concluded society lead by obedience,  materialism or religion does not accept différences

SO I DEVELOPED MY OWN SOCIAL STRUCTURE FOR MY OWN LIFE JOURNEY ..... and I really believe in the AI Era, it will become a mandatory step for sustainability.