The human journey of life : the map (inspired my Hindu Master Mahanidhi)

CONSCIOUSNESS = our real nature , our perceptions without judgement, our connection with the divine , deep self knowledge and ability to clean karma … little children have a clearer consciousness because the sense of self is not developed

MIND = Education, culture, beliefs, rationality ....ultimatly related with the lineage

EMOTIONS = related with body and environment, ultimately, related with attachments and desires and needs filled or not !!

COMBINATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS AND MIND give us access to imagination, creation, innovation …. And the most powerful social tool : the NARRATIVE .A powerful Narrative attracts ressources, money , energy, people …. And create changes !! « don t tell them, teach them » Paul Brown

COMBINATION BETWEEN MIND and EMOTIONS gives us access to healthy relationships . We have to learn to be surround with the right people, to listen without judgements, to enjoy the journey of life

COMBINATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS AND EMOTIONS Gives us the miracles ….CONSCIOUSNESS IS FEED WITH DETACHMENT !! so, when detached consciousness is able to use the energy of the emotions ….it gives the most extraordinary accomplishement !

To sum up in a tech era, body is the hardware, and the software and consciouness is the innovative creator ….

The innovative employee can be without limits with efficient programming …….. and a good computer well used can change many things in daily life …..

But advanced technologies motivates the creative employee