mental health and religions

""in the human life, there is a need , as aspiration to transcendency !! the rational analysis and the emotions are not enough .... transcendency , being able to connect with intuition are integral part of the human mind .

and them appear spirituality and religions ... where the main aspiration is cultivating detachment . But detachment is not necessary against material possessions, it s only about avoid to let material stuff or outside events control us.

let consider the two main way : Abraham and Brahma

in the story of Abraham , the journey is a central concept ....Abraham is a man disconnect from its birthplace, and he is looking for an higher connections , an alliance with something beyond, ... G.od. And socially, we enter here with the need of social recognition ! the Truth is revealed in this cases and so, better to be close to the source.

Brahma is the creator of the Universe in Hinduism. and a Brahmane should be someone who reached a such level of detachment , that nothing happen outside can control his actions. if no outside events , desires, needs, control you, it means you control the outside.

in this case, the Truth is experienced individually , self mastery is the root of eastern culture.

So, the patriarch Abraham is reached detachment by higher purposes , while Brahma created the universe simply by its detached existence

Abrahamic religions wanna be universal visions of the world ! with a social impact. While Eastern traditions are more focus on self knowledge.

So, the transcendency need for a human being is only on the GO HIGHER in abrahamic religions ..... which emphases the individual dimension of the human being ! while eastern tradition are on journey inside our own essence ....

and we can see that Indian knowledge has touched europe in the old times because one of the most famous quote of one of the most famous Greek philosopher Socrates is : "know yourself"

Abrahamic religions can help overcome challenges and change the world ... but the Wisdom of Brahma shows us , we change the world .... from each of us !!