BE PTSD !! #beptsd

I am a cancer survivor and I lost my left leg because of cancer at 25 years old in 2001 ! and people from family, community , society, have imagined my life was finished.

so are support for a full recovery .... and after 23 years , I am still without a prosthetic  leg , because I have a short stump and so, without social support and sustainable way of life. I can t walk seriously with an artificial leg !

Why people have imagined a disability is a PTSD ??

So, in life, I tried to imagine why a such behavior .... and  I entered in a deep research work both personal and professional.

and I found PTSD could also be named PART TIME SOCIAL DISORDER , as our crazy daily life.

and could be summarized in 2 questions ?

1) where do we live 24/7 all our life ? OUR BODY, so, our health should be our primary concern , but it s not. Our primary concern is SOCIAL RECOGNITION . and it s a problem for people out of the norms ...... it s a pressure. And the norms drop  down the social intelligence ....

2) What is life ? is a better question than what is the purpose of life ? which is brainy and so religious. Life is a temporary state of Growth and Decrease. So, why not being impactful during our youth to enjoy the results during the declining phase ? No, we prefer to focus on ACCUMULATION or on immediate needs and pleasures.

so, life is really a part time social disorder .... We don t act wisely and we exclude people with différent aspirations and possibilities !

The 2020s is a decade of changes. What Will happen ?

The West is losing  a weird thing : A MONETARY PRIVILEGE! since WWII, the main western currencies are dominating the financial system worldwide , and it helps westerners to live far above theirs means. So, Countries around the BRICS wanna change the system and this is why so much conflicts worldwide

tt s important to understand something, since the beginning of the industrial Era, we have entered in. mind process around materialism and over production , using a lot of debts for it .......... more we produced, more debts (financial liquidities) to buy what we produced, ......... so the creation of a middle class happened !

and why the middle class is disappearing ??? only because productivism is by essence deflationist ...DOING MORE WITH LESS PEOPLE . Communication too is important ...... Attract the most people around a limited number of individuals.

We are not educated to be disruptive ....we are educated to b part of the system. However, it s important to know that in a economy around knowledge, especially with generative AI now, only people who can make an impact on others, who are innovative, who see events before they happen .........will have economical independence and sustainability.

Instead to be created by debts, financial liquidities are immediately attracted by the ADDED VALUE !!

What can we do ?

go back to FUNDAMENTALS  !! I was unfit to compete in a system that was not fair and sustainable .....  and I coped with disregard.

As a sport guy, an actor  and a brainy man, I fit perfectly in my PTSD system .... it can be also a business model. Saving money surrounded with the right people , making money being impactful .... Generative IA is a wonderful tool to independency

The world is chaotic because we have forgotten some fundamentals :

- money is not a process, but a result !

- mental health and proper education are so important !

- learn from history to avoid repeat mistakes !

-consumption can t be infinite in a limited physical world !

- good communication is based on emotions we create in the audience !

With background as a sport coach, in the movie industry, as a numismatist , in the luxury industry and in Real Estate , .......... I can build your experience of resilience and success

Resilience is related with self knowledge , Success depends what you can offer .....

Resilience is saving money, Success is making money ..... so, both can work together

The world moves forward on inspiring stories ! why not yours ?