Comparative Marketing of diamonds and gems in the Lab grown Era

The jewelry market is experiencing a major change, that of artificially created stones.

It is very revealing of the economic process which consists in always selling less expensive things of less good quality in order to sell more, more quickly, to more people, and after a few years, complaining about the social consequences.

The etymology of LUXE is light…. The social element of luxury is to impress and to belong to certain circles. Customers thus become Elite's brand ambassadors.

IT is never good for the Elite to stay in between, large companies must offer themselves and become more accessible. Dior understood this decades ago.

Also, I see with interest the greater emergence of the diamond created in the laboratory to promote the experience of luxury, and the narration that it implies to a wider audience.

Nevertheless, it is clear that success in investment goes through Education... and that luxury remains an investment. What the lab diamond is not. Its resale potential is insignificant since it is produced in very large quantities. It is not a store of value, and the obsession to sell these stones to meet the growing needs of many to "shine" is damaging the market for natural stones, which we will very quickly assimilate to a market unethical to discredit him.

But in 10 years, we will have flooded the market with laboratory stones and there will surely be a demand for natural stones. Thus, the environmental pressure will be even stronger to meet a new demand.

We believe that the duty of an entrepreneur is also in the education of customers and not just in blind obedience to their desires of the moment.

YES, the laboratory diamond is a great find that allows a greater number of people to learn about things of luxury.

NO, the laboratory diamond will never be a store of value, a bit like collector's Euros, which we want to resell when we need cash, but which struggles to find a buyer, whereas a denier from Jules Cesar will find always a taker on the numismatic market.

By associating with the Odyssée, a well-known company in the diamond district of Antwerp…… The MG club, the "mocking Gem" Structure under development, will make sure to ensure you, not what you want, but what you really need need to fulfill you. And will accompany you so that this investment becomes a social success, because the meaning of luxury is not only about impressing others, it is also about impressing yourself.