Western societies are culturally shaped on abrahamic visions on the world !

And the DHARMA path is very différent social pattern !

Dharma path suppose to live in a group, like in a sport team with a common project ! A player changes his attitude, all the team changes. It s a « community level » of interactions.

Social level is based on social recognition ! Social recognition is not sharing values, it s transmission of judgmental vision of the world, of ideologies.

Black people were seen as animals, it were LEGAL

Women were seen just to make babies, fully LEGAL too

so, you can change your attitude, it can be helpless. Jesus were Jew, he was enlighted , he was murdered ….. So, even becoming a buddha does not protect you in abrahamic cultures !

 you can t change your social recognition and it can be frustrating !

For abrahamic religions , there are a supreme power above everything, and now Science is above everything

For Dharma path , there is individual commitment for inner intelligence and common good.

So, as Dharma followers , we are ROGUE in the West ! It won t change naturally with us …. And we see the struggles of communication in this new Cold War globally.

Dharma path requires inner intelligence ….which is located in the texts in the West, not often inside people. So, the western texts should  show you are right and avoid bad interactions… it s important to use them !

And i think the huge experience of rationality and analytic should help eastern people to formalize well powerful contents....it s important to listen 

So, from my part, I believe the dharma path in the west should be more compassionate for the texts, the ideologies than for people , because the texts drive them

There is a clear wall in the west between the community and the society level …. Far less powerful in the East. To break this walk, using the texts is useful

Being egoistic thinking, """others are stupid, I will be enlighted with Dharma path, I really don t care about them"",  is the opposite of the mission of Dharma ! and act like extremists in abrahamic religion ...

Dharma path is not magic without a smart understanding of the local context !

Always remember spiritual freedom is acquired in the West if we have social recognition , but in Dharma path, spiritual freedom is acquired if we really don t care about social recognition .....

so, Dharma followers in the West have a risk to become VERY EGOISTIC !