As social being, we fear rejection .....Rejection is extremely painful because it s against our basic human needs.

I endured social rejection far beyond measures ..... I grew up in. a tvery oxic  family ! my younger brother took his own life at 27 years old because of so hard psychological harassment.

I coped with cancer 3 times and lost a leg at 25 years old . I also endured a brain surgery .... I stammered until 30 years old.

Despite the maslow pyramid of needs, I have been let highly isolated ..... I have even been forbidden by the French "Justice" , to sign my own real estate selling on my fathers ' legacy .... Famous anthropologist Margaret mead said the first sign of civilization is the fist health broken femur. She explained in the wild nature, no animal live enough longer to survive a broken limb. In a cvilsiation, we help others. I have never had support to get an artificial leg. I needed it because I have a short stump ..... For 23 years, I am on crutches......

I am 47 years old now, single, without a child.

What I learned from this horrible social treatment ? and no way to re build......

I learned that the western cultures  and in general the Abrahamic cultures are based on social recognition .... they are not based on making the journey of life easier, but focus to control human behaviors.

when I lost my leg, I was out of the normal social pattern !

I learned also people are focused to obtain, acquire, ..... absolutely not to create, to impact, to change ......... ! Even, if each rich man, know becoming wealthy  is impossible without having an impact.

So, don t fear rejection, because the human society is messy, aggressive, hateful , too many emotional traumas not healed ....... protect your mental balance et impact the world !