Geopolitics from Dharma

The human life, in traditional tibetan medicine is defined around a trilogy : BODY SPEECH , MIND, closely related with another trilogy Bouddha, Dharma , Sangha used in Buddhism.

1) Body and Sangha are connected with the environment and the material life .

2) Speech and Dharma are connected with the way of living , the interactions between people

3) MIND and Bouddha represents our real nature ! our true essence

Can it be used in geopolitics ? I think so

For example, Jews have been badly hurt in Europe , with pogroms , so they tried to build a sangha, a community in a safe place , which could mean a lot for them.

But they never organized themselves for peaceful interactions ... "a land without people for a people without land" has been a false marketing claim at the beginning of the Zionism

and they are losing currently the true nature of judaism , as a rich en enlighted tradition,

Why interactions are so difficult ?? before Jews exported in Middle East the trauma they lived in europe ..... Zionism is an idea and post WWI could have been the best gap to implement it, building a common narrative with muslims.

Russia has no issue to protect his population and is very strong in interactions worldwide ..... Russia is just a country which has not yet reached his true nature and real power . i