Gone with the leg : my journey in the « uncivilized » modern society By Michael J.P. LAURENT

The diagnosis is clear : the world is currently very messy, but the root causes are not from last February or from the appearance of COVID.

I was born April 22 1976 in France. I lost my leg in October 2001 because of a cancer. My stump is short and required a perfect ajustement with a prosthetic leg. It also needed the fact that my stump won t be able to lose or gain weight, … it means have a social support for a long term life plan. It was not possible because there was no social support …. Family tagged me as a disabled and for them, they were out of duties. As a disabled, the French State should care about me ! Even if the French state gives male social benefits for 2 decades. I am not grateful … Because I never recovered. I stay stuck in a social condition which does not fit with my inner self. It makes me feel very sad. God gave me physical abilities to fight and win against cancer and others problems. God gave me too a positive mindset, but human people avoided to give me the social status of a human being.

The modern society has created a very egoistic behavior with others, relatives, elderly …. We live in the transhumanist society , be a man beyond all kind of limits…. But be only a happy man is useless. Why ? Because being only happy create no needs … There is absolutely no mandatory needs to change the genetic of the manhood to go beyond measures, no needs to conquest new planets if we could keep this one healthy. But it creates needs and needs mean money. My view is that th e transhumanism is, first, an economic project , not a project for progress. It hards to imagine we can progress with transhumanism when scientists still ignore many things about the human body and the human consciousness. And for the mob, where came from my family, listen the self proclaimed leaders is the guarantee to be safe and get money …. Self proclaimed leaders control the collective mind, just because people with high degrees are over confident. Nothing related with the plot theory …. An highly graduated person is educated to be sure he is the best ! so, they speak not to help people and move them up, but to keep this vision of themselves. It s at this point the plot theory appears… People unable to think well but unwilling to be controlled enter in the plot theory.

I love the analogy of the healed femur bone found by the famous American anthropologist Margaret Mead. She said that in the animal kingdom , no one lives enough time to see its broken leg healed. An animal with a broken leg, becomes meat for others. So, helping others is the first sign of civilization ! Are you in a civilized world ? NO , I don t think so We don t help others … We define needs we can filled. We create and classified people in categories, and then, we defined the needs. The family structure is disappearing and also the community structures too …. Remain the « Homo Deus », the man God, with his needs ….and wishes. I am not an HOMO DEUS … i wanted to be a simple man and to explore my full potential. My family has not been supportive , and not me only , because my younger brother taken his own life in 2007. Because support a disabled did not enter in any category at this time, and even if I was highly graduated, I was socially classified as a disabled , so as an inefficient person. I was also identify as a « guilty » person. It s traumatic for parents to have a disabled children. it s a global trauma and my parents were surrounded with a lot of empathy, even, if my father were alcoolic and my mum with psychological issues. So, i felt personally in trouble and hoped support…. But I was seen as « différent » with the social duties to act. This delusion marked my life the last 20 years.

SO THE TWO EQUATIONS OF THE MODERN WORLD IS SIMPLE : More needs = more economic growth = more social experiences = more feelings BUT Less character = Less self understanding = Less JOY Needs are mandatory for economic growth because if not …. We will have to add value, to invent, create , conquest , innovate and only a minority are able to do that. Before the industrial revolution , the world economic were very low. So, in the modern world, to be materially rich, we need to be mentally and emotionally poor. If the planet has now 8 billions inhabitants, the first billion has been reached in 1800. It means most of the mankind exists now because of this trick and uncivilized paradigm. Being one legged man did not stop me to travel and move and be in action … and meet amazing people I  But remain a deep sadness ! I know I live in an uncivilized world, an unfair culture, no place where people want I am good … I know I can t walk without support, I lost 20 years already . Studying Tibetan medicine and practice meditation help to deal daily with this uncomfortable feelings.

Etymology of the DEVIL, it s TWO ! The devil is in the judgement ! And I have been judged too long and too many times. The world is now splitting between East and West with the war in Ukraine. In fact , Ukrain is only the stage for a geopolitical issue far beyond … Why ? Because Western countries kept this incredible opportunity to be extremely egoistic by a monetary trick. The biggest western currencies must be accepted worldwide … It means exchange tangible assets for …. paper, and electronic bits which symbolize USD EURO or GBP etc …. and Eastern countries said « no way anymore » . Westerners can live beyond their means because of financial engineering only …. And a monetary advantage. Easterners work on an alternative financial system ! But it will take decades In this world, There is a need of monetary intelligence and that I want to do with the INSTITUTE FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE CREDAT ! « To pay » has a clear etymology, it s the latin word PACARE which mean make peace … money is the tool to make peace. It means it s a so important tool in the Human relationships. The monetary issue has to be understand deeply. As a passionate numismatist, I studied the monetary system 30 years and i am proud with the concept of CREDAT I developed .

Now, how to make human people really civilized ? How to make disappear this incredible pain to be one legged and guilty for two decades ? When I walk in cities, I often heard little children talking parents about me « oh mum, the Sir has a broken leg » … I find it amazingly funny … and so genuine. It makes me feel like a broken GI JOE toy. Kids never judge, they look and listen … and want to find solution. And strangely, when we want to find solutions , we create value, it means we meet the potentiel to make money …. So, why we don t want to find solutions more often ?? Because we fear social judgements as well as we judge …. Inspired by the works of Friedrish Hayek about the competition between currencies, THE CREDAT is a system to create more easily financial liquidity, and , on purpose, …. , using the crypto technologies. This quote is attributed to Albert Einstein « The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything. ». I love it

A good way to interfere in all without judgements is by having a story, a « WHY » like Simon Sinek said, and something that matter for you …. If you have a story, something that motivate you, a passion to share, something useful to say …. You socially authorize to interfere without fear about judgement ! But it requires some narrative abilities and communication skills that we offer in our new brand « TARA’s Daughters » In Tibetan buddhism, Tara is the main female source of wisdom . She is the one who make us free. But we can be free only if we can shine and be luminous. I believe the western pattern is only economical without human warm and social links , while the eastern pattern around the nation put too many limits on the human mind… so, I think we are in history in a moment where no visible future is really attractive … I love life, but I feel mankind lives in lunacy and I become older, and mentally tired of this insanity. And my main dream is to walk again

So, my main personal wish is sharing my work , vision and experiences to offer a new way to think and help people in the current struggles I think I have well identified. I understood from my life journey that mankind is trapped in fear , …. Fear of being rejected , that lead to reject others, fear of change, that lead to necessary and mandatory change, fear to be in need, that cut us from abundancy, Fear of others that lead us to isolation. THe human condition is a beautiful opportunity for accomplishments , but it s important to avoid to rationalize our fears. I know people are less often bad and toxic than really in need of stability. In fact, few people seem able to create their own path …. Most people are only followers and react to the rules, religious, social or politic. My injury (i never felt disabled) made me appear as a follower and place in a situation to fight to be myself during the last 20 years, whereas I have a sweet nature. The people I met made me who I am now ….. A super resilient mind, but really sad. But I really believe that « find your story » and « understand money in human relationship » are the two pillars of a more sustainable and peaceful society.ntent