Institute for the Development of CREDAT™

Money is the basis for most human relationships ….. But why this concept is so difficult to understand clearly  ?

Why  so many economical and financial crisis through History ?

The origin of economy begins with Barter. Barter is great to satisfy immediate needs. But Barter does not create profits and so does not create capital.

Barter also can exclude some social groups ….. A warrior or a public worker does not work to have something to exchange.

The appearance of money 2600 years ago creates opportunity to make revenue , ….. and to have a more inclusive economy. And an economy that can be planned for middle and long term.

Money can represent to measure on how we enhance an asset, but also can represent a way for each peson to build a capital for future purchase.

So, money represent the quality of our professional interactions. Money represent the way we can impact the world ….

so, it s not an accident if first coins in History were in Electrum , an alloy gold silver and never had a geographical extensive use. Electrum coins were minted for a city, for local use,  with a lot of subdivisions.

But early, the hoarding quality of money has taken a big advantage on the others' qualities …… people hoarded money, not to plan a purchasing, but by love of money. Money were associated with power to impact other s lives.

The ultimate social rank became : be close to the money creator and be the money creator.

The behavior shifted because money became an asset when we created it  in Gold or Silver ….. Why buy a land and a house with  gold coins when Gold is already an asset ?

If first coins were in Electrum, it s probably to avoid this problem.

And for fiduciaries currencies , the paradigm has not changed …… because of the CREDIT ! The credit is based on the ability to take loan ….. and the confidence we inspire. It s also related with power …..

The upcoming digitalisation of the money supply with  the CBDC has the same paradigm.

The development of tokens and crypto currencies offers the opportunity to go back to a more sustainable monetary intelligence. The intelligence from the origins ….

If you know the monetary aggregates , you know that from M0 to M3 , money becomes less liquid. The Principle about the CREDAT is based on an opposite vision.

THe higher monetary aggregates are used to increase power of a minority of people. In History, the richest men owned tangible assets for billions … now, the richest men owns shares on their own companies. These shares worth a lot because of these monetary aggregates.

But if we consider the monetary base as a sanctuary for peaceful human relationship ….. and all other monetary aggregates as « simili money » to fill purposes …. We create , we believe, a more sustainable monetary intelligence.

Always in quest of power, the current system is based on more trustable currencies worldwide, and even the alternative system from the BRICS is not really very different.

We consider a currency is a social and cultural link. Destroying many currencies will disable social links …..

The Institute for the Development of CREDAT should work on 2 principles :

  1. connect with some central banks to understand how to communicate well around their currencies.
  2. Using the crypto technologies to development ad hoc simili currencies for tangible projects ….

With the micro credit, Muhammad Yunus developed for poor people access to credit to help them create their own activities ….. With Credat, we must go beyond. Developing a real monetary intelligence to help people achieve their dreams with a clear vision about money. Many things can be obstacles but not money, if we understand it.