Is it really an Inclusive Economic Model ?

The social conformity in our economic model is based on the nature of the DEMAND. However, the demand is dependent of purchasing power and can be educated.

The SUPPLY can be highly diversify if we make it free from financial limits with TOKENISATION OF THE FINANCIAL LIQUIDITY (CREDAT) and if people are trained to use theirs skills to impact positively human lives on all the ways possible. The degree which represent the mesurabiluty of achievements can become the STORY... Which represent the upcoming achievements to be made.

The "YOU*" ECONOMICS, (yield our uniqueness, but also you as.. The other) is focused to nourish and diversify the SUPPLY. The only way to get out a world of debt is creating value for others... Understand the human nature is very helpful to know how increase the human potential and identify limits.

√Čtymologically, economics means "management of ressources"... we consider productivity as a tricky information only connected with the accumulation of money. To cope with The decrease of productivity after 1970, western States began to manipulate interest rates and currencies.

In our vision, an easier financial system with tokenization of the liquidity will contribute to the development of a massive supply, especially in our society of knowledge.

And if we consider the characteristics of the social and physical acpect of the human nature, we can develop even more the supply.

An increase and diversification of the supply can be measured at the end in any official currency.