"God" is the interconnection between everything in the Universe. It is like THE FORCE in Star Wars movies,    To reach God from the consciouness, you need an ascetic lifestyle

"Consciouness" is the WIFI, the proprioceptive and non judgmental intelligence that appear also in lucid dreams To reach consciouness from the Mind , you need to cultivate detachment, compassion and self understanding


"The Mind" is the super computer than deal with all informations in the outside and dual world, including also with your body . to reach the mind from emotions, you need an education to be able to deal with informations with rationality and methodology

"Emotions" are physiological or psychological reactions to stimuli .... To deal well with emotions, you need to avoid take things personally .... and remain in the present. Depression is about the past, anxiety about the future —


GRATITUDE as social object, what others can handle for you ?

CONTROL as social subject , what do you handle for others ?

The non dual experience is also connected with the charactéristics we have inherited in this life and the conditions where we have grown ……

The dual experience gives us the chance to take control of our destiny

So, taking control of our life requires a good support system and an ability to create and develop abilities and confidence …….

There are two obstacles :

  1. The individualistic society, inherited from the abrahamic paradigm,  is not designed to promote a support system …… it s easy to attract a support system with a story and a purpose in life.
  2. The dominant paradigm is about the productivity and the visibility, not creativity …..A paradigm to support creativity at the most basic level has to be developed , it s our TEAM PARETO 5%

Between non duality and duality, I thought about something ……

Non duality is the intention , an intention without a tool will remain an intention. , it means something virtual.

Duality is the tool or the source of energy to realize the intention ….

It means non duality needs duality and duality needs non duality….

The purpose of duality is manifestation

The purpose of non duality is intention

Non duality is the Truth, the clear vision while Duality is the creation