Life is a Part Time Social Disorder

Our entire existence can be summarize in 2 questions :

Where do we live ?

The only place where we live 24/7 is our body. so, Health should be the first social concern ! But it s not . We prefer looking for social recognition as our primary concern.

A focus on Health would help us to communicate better and learn how to network …. And the irony is that the people who have the best social recognition are those who are self centered and don t give a shit of others ‘ opinion.

What is life ?

Often , religions want to explain the purpose of life, but be more simple : what is life ?

Life is a cycle with an ascendant phase and a descendant phase. So, why not using the ascendant phase to have an impact, create values, bring something positive to enjoy peacefully in good material conditions the descendant phase ?

But most humans don’t care to create, they want to accumulate power.

It s ironical because the most powerful people on earth are always people who bring something

It means the I, me, myself is destroying natural patterns …..

I believe the generative AI will take this flaw from us …. Because it will be much more competitive than we can be.

so, what will remain ? We are on the way of a forced mental balance or disappearance.

And the best way to reach mental balance is living a meaningful live, and some industries like Luxury, can give you some ideas to formulate your message !