MEAD Business Club : European Economics  without russian gas, Fiat and also without  leg 

 a student once asked anthropologist Margaret Mead, “What is the earliest sign of civilization?”Mead replied, “A healed femur,”

I have been highly influenced by this quote !!

My name is Michael J. P. LAURENT , i am 48 years old. I am a gemmologist, a real estate advisor and SMWW Ambassador ( ; ) . I am also a one legged man since 2001, without prosthetic leg because ..... Civilization is not yet a business.

Helping others is the best source of wealth ! and it starts through he healthy self affirmation !!

First of all, some fundamentals about the Era of industry and Capitalism ! Economy is essentially transformed energy ! The industrial era moved economy a next level because of the standardization, which requires much more energy and also the right communication to define social trends.

The essence of the banking system has been to handle the unused financial savings from some people to help others develop their activities and pro projects. So Industry and capitalism developed a system hungry in time and workforce to create capital ...... but during the last decades in Europe and in general in the West, the focus has been on the making the financial capital, AKA, the global worldwide debt !

Debt is not an issue by essence, it's an issue if debt is used to maintain a system and not looking for profit ! The interest rate is only the reward the lender gets for his savings and comes from the success of the borrower, with the loan. if the interest rate is very low, the biggest actors of the economy have almost free access to this financial liquidity  , to buy profitable assets and increase their profits. The price of assets also increases. if the interest rate is too high, the lender is rewarded, it means money has a real value, lower inflation , but  there is less consumption.... which is the pillar of western economies .

Money has been an asset (Gold , silver, copper) ...How is it  possible, it became a debt ? When a promise of Gold became as good as Gold metal ? it happened when people have been aware the most important is the purpose to accomplish. Money as an asset were useful for a deal for another asset ! But for a purpose .... , for a project, for an ambition , money has to be only energy and Trust is also energy. However currently , a lot of the western financial system is based only on trust ....... without real value to back it !! and it should be more painful soon for westerners. So, money is like a good friend, .... you need to trust him/ her, but also see actions. This is why a focus on projects is much better than standardization ...... We are entered in the AI Era . It means an healthy self affirmation and the ability to handle healthy relationships will worth much more than a Ph.D in the Ivy league. Cryptos offers great field to develop monetary intelligence. An economy with several currencies offers more opportunities.

Keep in mind that TO PAY comes from the latin word PACARE, which means MAKE PEACE !

As an Ambassador for a Sport company , how work my industry ? The standardization in the industry of sport is based on THE PERFORMANCE ! the performance brings an audience and the audience is monetized ! But stories can bring audience too .... Stories about underdogs in sports are very inspiring

As a Real estate advisor, how works my industry ? In FRance, only on a promise, an house should have been  a strong investment for middle classes. On the house, it has aggregated some others needs for the middle classes. But the model is not in good condition both for business properties and residential properties. A property should be treated as a system ... a property is not separable from its environment.

As a Gemologist, How define Luxury ? The real luxury brand is your own journey .... The power of narration is the most outstanding energy. Etymologically, luxury means "light" , but yours, the light of the brand.

 To me, life is articulated  around 2 Key questions :

Where do we live 365 days a year and 24/7 all our life ? in our body, so health and well being are so important ! STAY WITH PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT YOUR HEALTH !

What is life ? life is an increase and a decline of energy .... so, the best way to live is being impactful during the increase , to enjoy peacefully the decrease

SO IN EUROPE , EVEN WITHOUT RUSSIAN GAS, WITHOUT A GREAT CURRENCY AND WITHOUT LEG , ... so many things can be created, many treasures can be fund  !! and sport is a wonderful field to find our values and the meaning we wanna give in our life. mind and heart are unlimited energy !! and only with them, the european man has conquered  the world

it s time to go back in time, not for car, but for creativity and creations.