Highly inspired by an Hindu Master named Mahanidhi, I would make this statement ...

1) the Body , closely related with our basic needs and our emotions ... Understand our needs , our strengths, our weakness at this level, and having the right people around us helps to deal with our emotions. Emotions are normal, being angry or sad , are human reactions, but not let them take control. Where do we live 24/7, 365 days a year , all our life ? IN OUR BODY

so, mental and physical health is the primary asset !

2) the Mind , ... our rational mind in our software to deal with the reality in the day time. A good mind is educated to have the larger picture and is not controlled by emotions. some minds can be intellectual, others empathetic .... whatever ! The mind is the mental structure who identify us as "I", "me", "myself" ... But I, me, myself is the product of your education and your cultural environnement. so, it s not you. Mind = software

3) the Consciouness .... it s where we shine, like an happy baby s our real nature , outside space and time. it s where emotions are under control and mind clean ..... I love this speech about our deepest fear :


if we considerer the pattern CONSCIOUNESS - MIND _ EMOTIONS , what is it in abrahamic religions ?

EMOTIONS in abrahamic religions are not something positive .... A Rabbi, said once "if you have reasons to be angry, but you don t release anger , you can give someone a pure blessing" .......Emotions are what connected us to animais ..... for them. They fear to be dominated by emotions ..... There is a guilt ..The mankind has lost the heaven because to close to Earth.

MIND is, for them, the Supreme power !! the fact that makes us différent than animals ..... Morality , ethic , rationality, philosophy .....The man is the animal who thinks !! that s the narrative !!

CONSCIOUSNESS is guided by God , not entirely ours ....

Prayers is talking to God while meditation is listening the divinity ...


it s not friendly with body and human existence ..... only for charity !! You are a good person and you win points for heaven doing charity

it overvalued the MIND defined as the human nature ....

And CONSCIOUSNESS is not under control .... when Christians , muslims or jews prays , they let go completely and wait an answer or an event ... ! and consider the event is the will of God instead to think about synchronicity .......

CONSCIOUNESS is written in Holy books and so, the mind must interpret them ..... With materialism appeared in the West from the Industrial Revolution , 200 years ago, the mind sinked at the emotion level . And CONSCIOUSNESS melted in science or ecology ....

Westerners believe the world obey to an order ....., so create disorders orient their good energy .... ! because they all work to re create an order ...

Easterners believe all the world obey a kind of harmony and some systems .... and not an accident if Easterners are involved in the BRICS to create a multipolar world , new systems, new harmony

So, Easterners should use Westerners abilities to create organizations ..... as a useful energy in their process

organisations created by westerners will be oppressive .... but western energy only is less oppressive

PS : but I would Add something ...... God is a different concept in asiatic religion, but whatever God exists or not in abrahamic religions , it does not matter, the most important is the quality of emotions and mind ... the process to let go is the same ... !!! I think abrahamic religions are violent because quality of emotions and minds is bad .... , but we can find  brilliant people in abrahamic religions

so, the best way to be connected with the divinity, whatever it is, is to be a good human being.