OUR INCLUSIVE MODEL ! we act on the demand.

I see a world where the economy ceases to be high dependent to the « demand » which is too linked dot purchasing power and influenced by marketing and branding techniques!

It is a very unstable variable !

This demand feeds socio-economic conformism, standardization, which can excludes competent people from the circuit and feeds the excessive accumulation of capital... The Economy is thus oriented towards the search for money, but not the addition of value, personal creativity and useful innovation.

A) The creation of value is above all the valuation and monetization of a resource, that is to say the ability to give something a social value … symbolized by the tool of exchange that money represents. This calls for meanings, education and communication. And we think it's endless.....

B) The tokenization of financial liquidity, installed by our CREDAT method, frees the creators from a reimbursement with binding interest ..... which limits their choices.

The diversification of the supply, by more meanings, good education and useful communication to for us the key of an inclusive economic model. A De globalized world will be a world where the flexibility of the mind and the ability to communicate well will be determinant for success.

The West fight in ukraine to keep his paradigm of economical development by financiarization and needs …. We see this model is vulnerable in ressources supply and need acceptance of western currencies.

The East develops mutual exchanges but their model is not really focused on the interest of the individuals and everyone will meet limits.

The diversification of the supply, without limits of borders and culture, with a care of human nature, , after domestication of the monetary engineering is for us, the most inclusive and most sustainable model !

Care less about the demand, it s a variable that can be educated 

Learn to understand and master the financial liquidity