PRESENTATION business model H2W

Coach Michael « Crazy leg » . LAURENT is board member of the INTERNATIONAL AMERICAN FOOTBALL ACADEMY and HRD Certified Diamond grader with working experience with a wholesaler in the Antwerp Diamond District.

Above the knee amputee for more than 20 years, even without prosthetic leg, due to a short stump and absence of family, community support. Coach Michael traveled a lot and acted on many fields : ICORE life member, Sowa Rigpa student, numismatic consultant (INS Life member) and more recently involved in the movie industry.

He acquired the belief that the bad treatment of différent people is essentially due to the fact that we prioritize wealth over health. People unable or unwilling to fit normal standards are excluded …. By fear of decreasing results.

He developed the concept of H2W (Health to Wealth) as business model considering prioritize health, life meaning and good relationships offer more positive chance for a successful pro life because networking and understanding others are the two main points of a great pro career.

The platform offers many social tools to develop the H2W

What is the word more often associated with stupidity ? I really believe it s the mob …. Many people , but only one mind.

The gregarious behavior of the mob is often involved in Economical projects. Very few people create their jobs , the great majority receive salaries which also make them easier to manipulate.

In the Era of generative AI, this attitude is not anymore sustainable. The only way to keep some indépendance is becoming strong individuals…..

The Business model Health To Wealth is designed for it ! Provide you social tools to become more innovative and creative