Rejoins le Réseau Pourpre !

After being co producer for the movie ZAKURA, and involved in the movie industry as extra, PTSD is a very short movie i have wrote and I plan to realize and produce.

Pitch : En 2036, un Ethologue numérique, Benjamin Ehouarne, auteur de la théorie de Genèse Alternative « PTSD » livre son dernier témoignage sur l’évolution de l’Humanité, bousculée par le Covid, la Guerre et l’émergence de l’intelligence artificielle générative, avant de rejoindre l’anonymat et une organisation méconnue : LE RESEAU POURPRE, chargé de la co existence entre IA et humains.

We all must learn to deal with appearance. In The RHETORIC, the ETHOS is your credibility as speaker … I must add living a social life has always been a guarantee for survival … until nowadays.

With globalisation, online work and digital communication , and now generative AI, …. We don t need anymore to adopt a social model to have a job, make money and before an innovator. But are we able to manage peacefully our own life ?

The history of luxury shows how we love to be impressed ….. and how we need to be in some « elit social circles ». But if a gem or a jewel is not YOUR OWN STORY, … you become only a brand for a brand.

So, the movie plan to be the communication support of several projects to lead you to your sustainable and peaceful individuation 2.0 , …. The only guarantee to adapt well to the global society which is changing VERY fast .