TARA's Daughters™ , Stories and Gems

All religions on Earth are agree on one point : Human consciousness is something very special.

It s not only related with intelligence and ability to interact with our environnement , but also to be beyond that …. To be a calm observer of our own reality.

So, why humans are so familiar with extremely erratic behaviors ?

The human brain has a massive Neo cortical, but also is able to connect to all the most basic emotions.

So, with the huge Neo cortical, these emotions take a sense, or become a kind of  language, and the human being can  forget that he is not longer a rational person, but an emotional one who has rationalized his feelings.

We live currently in a society of feelings , …. We don t accept anymore to be a male, a female, to feel powerless or financially  broke.

Our true nature, our real consciousness is somewhere between our limbic system and our Neo Cortical !

Our emotions give us infos about our inner conditions, while our thoughts are externally related ! Our intuitive abilities are really our true nature. The knowledge of the Good and the Bad which is the ultimate sin in abrahamic religions can be easily connected with DUALITY which is the ultimate « sin » in buddhism.

A human being is a social being, so we are dependent of others … the society we live in, the education we receive are  training our mind on a good or a bad way and lead to bad behaviors. We have the ability to make stories , to give our lives ‘ events meanings. How these  meanings can fit with our own nature !

We need to be part of a social circle and ready to be submitted for it.

First of all, Education should not be inherited , but only a way to discover our inner self, our own nature. So, we have to be aware of the cultural conditioning we inherit.

Secondly, our ability to be autonomous and sustainable professionnaly , we have to be useul, create value, do something positive, with an impact ….

Abrahamic religions are taught on the paradigm that G.od created the perfect world and all happen is based on his wish and will.

Psychologically, it s so peaceful …. Someone above know everything , so be relax even if you suffer, trust …..

Abrahamic religions worship the holy texts …. To reach a perfect nature of human consciousness …. But very often, disconnected from reality.

Now, in the Western countries, the transhumanists  want to make human a kind of God, out of limits ….

Abrahamic religions are based on principles which represent perfection, and if you can t fit with perfection, you are guilty. The feeling of guilt is important in abrahamic religions.

Abrahamic religions lead to a violent control of the human crowds through history , but Do the perfect consciousness be disconnected from reality I don t think so …. I think the perfect consciousness is fully aware of what happen outside but remain a calm observer. 

We believe in religions as a useful tool to reach the human consciousness , our real nature, but we think that all is based on the ability to give events a meaning ….

And we want to help you to find these meanings , through arts and communication skills …. But also jewelry ! Jewelry are a wonderful tool to give meaning.

In Buddhism, Tara is the main female bodhisattva, very compassionate, the one who save us from our wrong self. In this individualistic society, most women have to play socially a game with rules written for men.

At the origins, in History, many societies, especially among hunters gathered were really good for women and even matriarcal . But when Mankind began to live in cities, the social class became more important and so, the position of the man. If the woman gives life, the man gives the social class.

So, the social rules in economy, pro life, sport etc are based to help men to perform….

As a student in Tibetan medicine , I know the female body need specific treatments that does not fit with the social atmosphere. I really believed « EGO CENTERED SELF LESS » is a good motto. You can t help others if you don’t help yourself first.

As a writer, with experience in jewelry in the Antwerp Diamond District, as a diamond expert , I know how to enhance the key point of a story , your story. The success in life starts with the right people around you. And the right people will love your authenticity .

As an American Football Coach, I know to teach how to be disruptive and how it s important to catch new opportunity

A) BE CENTERED « ego centered self less »

B) BE THE STORY , have something to share

C) BE DISRUPTIVE , be bold , surprising

As a gemologist, who worked years in the Antwerp Diamond District , I see Tara’s Daughters™ also as a brand …. I would like to add my deep understanding of the human nature and communication skills to say your story and help you get the stone which fit really with you, not because it s big or small, cheap or expensive , but because a gem is a connection with our mind.

The perfect stone, the perfect gem keeps our mind in the right position. We build a jewel around the stone. 

I dream of a  "JEWELRY BRAND" feed by all the human experiences ..... I don t think a brand is designed to impress ..... A brand can also be designed to be a common good ! As a NFL packers shareholder, I s a strong belief ... 

PS : I show you this beautiful representation of White Tara from the Rubin Museum of Art. Tara appears with different colors.