The 8 rules for Generation Z and younger by Coach Michael "Crazy leg" LAURENT

You the first generation who has not lived in a world without internet , without a global connection ! And you are in a society where the individual rights are so protected, than we change the language to protect your feelings. But most of you seems depressed , disconnected or really lost.

A ) You don’t need anymore social recognition to survive. To get social recognition before, we cheated our mental balance. You need the individual mental balance because you have access to the larger content of information and knowledge the mankind ever produced on this planet. So you need to be well rooted, find a meaning for your life or you sink 

B) Expect nothing from others, just what the right people around you are ready to offer you …. No expectations means no disappointment, frustration, anger and the mandatory duty to look for the right people. To recognize mental balance, watch a baby or a little child….. They are the best teachers in mental balance.

C) The planet and the human beings have existed for billions and millions years…. You are not special for the planet or the mankind , who survived without you, unless you can add something special….. and your Legacy / memory will remain. Your print won t be you, but what you can do.

D) If you have to add something special to improve a current situation, you become the servant of the current situation ! Know the person or the stuff you will impact better than yourself ! Learn to listen to understand, not to answer. A lesson is really learned when integrated… You master you art when you don t need to think about it, because your art and you are one.

E) Your community are the people who help you in bad situations, Your society are the people you help in bad situation. Bad relationships are based on expectations, the ego and the will to argue. If a person thinks you are stupid, the person is right and so not designed to be in your life. Anger can be transformed in a path ! because anger gives extra energy much more useful in a path.

F) Appearence is only the politeness of relationships. If you want to know a person, you must spend time together and see his actions. His actions will give you the informations about his essence, the opposite of his appearance. The appearance changes, the essence not.

G) you don’t need the possession of natural ressources or assets, you need to know how to use them …

H) Winners are people who refuse to give up and stay focus on their purpose. A failure can be a win if there is something to learn or a way to improve. But you have to build your character.