The ANA-ZON™ social experience

GLOBALIZATION, western style, IS OVER …. The majority of mankind is now disagree and aspire for a change. The Conflict in £Ukrain is the spark of a big change. We are entered in a struggling period where the worldwide paradigm will change on a significant way. ….

AMAZON based its business model on the needs of each individual from worldwide logistic and cheap energy…. It s really a part of the former paradigm.

Therefore, I decided to develop ANA.ZON™ as a social experience of a peaceful and useful DE GLOBALIZATION

Ana- is a greek prefix which means the opposite , and I use -zon, to remind the brand amazon.

It’s not a matter of what you can buy on the platform , but a matter of what you can offer ! But action is always synonym of impact, usefulness and also income.

In a de globalized world , action is synonym of more powerful and sustainable relationships. We see how bad interpretations can increase conflicts.


If the vikings visited America far before Colombus and the Chinese admiral Zheng He traveled far in the Indian ocean, they were explorers, ….The globalization started with the quest for new ressources ….

From Colombus until now, the West has looked for tangible ressources worldwide to sell new products and after for the industry. It s in fact very similar with the building of the roman empire. The roman armies always looked for new territories to get new ressources to pay the armies to control the territories.

Before 2020, The Globalisation wo

rked on 3 pillars :

  1. an unlimited access to cheap energetical ressources
  2. A monetary privilege for Western countries
  3. The idea that technology could move absolutely all boundaries in our life

The non western countries sold us energetical for cheap prices but with our « beautiful » currencies » and with it, we had a lot of social spendings and also investment in top technologies …. To imagine new dreams non yet achievable and we wanted to spread our dreams worldwide

This time is over.

The western central bank are now out of balance and it s like « inflation or death » …. Non western countries want to be paid with real value , and the recent collapse of the shares among GAFAM show us technology won t change many things if Fundamentals don’t work.

THe pandemic and the war in ukrain showed the world is far from balanced.

There is two lessons from the current events :

  1. Money is a concept badly handle. Without doubt, we go to a digitalization of the money supply, so more and more controls ….The famous economist Friedrish Hayek beloved in the competition between currencies, but e had not the crypto technology. The etymology of the verb « to pay » comes from the latin word PACARE, which means make peace …. Money is a tool to make peace and so, it musts exist different currencies. An unique currency is only a Good way to maintain power in a limited numbers of hands. Antic monetary systems had many différent currencies for différent ways to make peace. The CREDIT is a perfect system for money creation in the industry …. Make debt, produce massively and pay back the debt ! But is it really a good system for customers services ? We don t think so . And most currencies in the world are not so strong, only because we don t believe in to make debt with them. So, in this system, the quality of the currency does not reward to quality of the country management.

The cryptos are currently far more assets than currencies. But no doubt Friedrish Hayek would have appreciated the technology. The Institute of the Development of the CREDAT is designed to enhance the monetary education and develop the financial liquidity with temporary currencies.

2) Western countries has always wanted to impose their vision of the world to the world… but human relationships don t work like that …. There is not only one perfect vision of civilization and happiness in the world. Each of us to impose our vision of the world and let people be attracted or not. We can t please everyone but the best vision will attract more people. .So, how to build a positive vision of the world? First of all, being able to tell a story …. Art , communication and the ability to listen and understand others are some key points in this process. What is the western story through the world ? you, yourself, your needs … The West brings a very individualistic story currently …. Very attractive for greedy people or for people in need. But not for others …. At the origin, the West were known to spread the quality of being an individual , it changed in the right to be an individual. 

Really inspired by Muhammad Yunus who impact the world with his micro credit, we want to develop a micro financial institute , to use the crypto technology , to save exotic currencies and develop the useful but ad hoc financial liquidities for project. It s our project named INSTITUTE FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF CREDAT DEVELOPED IN A PREVIOUS ARTICLE. We believe a higher monetary IQ can bring only more peace in human relationships .

LuXury comes from the latin word « lux » the light …. But why being a light to impress others, when you could be a light to ATTRACT OTHERS in your universe . We want to make you shine from the inside. We believe, not in the industry of personal development, but in the industry of « personal indépendance", which include the social dimension of the life.

Being able to say your story is being able to meet the right people for you and have more peaceful relationships with the world.

Infinite Growth or recession have, in fact, no sense economically ……An infinite growth is useful to build a capital but has a social and environnemental impact. And a recession happened between two periods of growth and delete the capital. Growth helps to hire people and increase salary … but growth has to be useful, to be supported by a vision, not only by consumption.

We want to consider, during the last 300 years, the Globalization made 2 mistakes :

  1. a low monetary intelligence , to do fair exchanges
  2. The inability to understand the world under all his aspects.

The social experience ANA.ZON™ should offer suggestions to solve theses problems. More than ever before, mental flexibility is now a key of success. Knowledge is available like never before in the History of Mankind. It s matter of mankind to use it wisely.

We believe that in a de globalized world, the key point is not Who are you ?but what can you offer ?