The Ana.zon™ social experience :Why and how it works ?

A ) During the last decades, in the Western countries, the financial sector became far too massive to feed a mandatory artificial growth …… and increase the prices of ASSETS. The monetary privilege of the Western countries helped a lot to follow this strategy. Trickle down theory, in economics can t work in a financiarized society because the key in a society which work with a massive financial sector is being close to money creation…. so, people close to the money creator have money, others serve them too to do for a living .

In a society based on the creation of value, the one who create the biggest value will need others people and then them will needs others people. So in this case, the trickle down theory can work.

With the conflict in Ukrain, we are clearly entered in another paradigm ! The conflict in Ukrain is the really the first step of a de globalized world ! The eastern block is growing and building an alternative to the SWIFT system. Euro and USD will have tough times as global reserve currencies.

B) With my professional experience in luxury industry, I understood better the human relationships and the belongings of high social circles. Luxury is shining and impressing people . Studying Tibetan medicine , including the spiritual part, which include a big part to re create ourself, free from our conditioning in the younger years. So, I enter in a mental process concluding that luxury has all the tools to help us re create our pattern. Why trying to belong a social circle when we can create our own ?

The company AMAZON is the archetype of the former World , which is now changing. Global world, cheap energetically ressources and worldwide vision to touch each consumer on the planet However in his business model, Amazon is dépendant of the money supply and cheap energy

C) BE HAPPY AND USEFUL : the business plan

  1. MAKE THE « I » A STORY… Love is a key element of our lives. But self love is the beginning, however, the « greco abrahamic « cultural paradigm in the West considers most often self love as arrogance and egoism. For the sustainability of the society , The « I » was badly seen, but the « I NEED » , mandatory for the economic growth. Social recognition is also a problem for the experience of self Affirmation. However, An healthy self affirmation is connected with your passions, your dreams, your aspirations , and a key question : what is driving you ? We are not trained to become an harmonious personality who bring value … A Harmonious personality can express the « I » without problems because well surrounded and driven by an energy for the common good.
  1. THE MONEY THAT NEVER LOSE VALUE …. The process of CREDIT for the money creation is the guarantee for any currency to lose value. Before, during the period of the metallic coinage , it was hard to find the necessary supply to mint quality coin. Money must service the creation of new assets … so, we consider that diversity of currencies is important. Some of them are designed to be hoarded, others to circulate a lot. Under the influence of the work by Friedrish Hayek and the development of the crypto technology, we can offer some local and temporary financial liquidity under our process named CREDAT

The World is entered in a period of a huge changes and the economical paradigm used the last 30 years is becoming obsolete. I believe it s important to mitigate the negative effective of these changes. The real economic activity is impacting people’s journey, not offer them experiences..

An MD impacts people, a restaurant offers them some fun , but it s spending !

We believe the real capital of a company is the value that is added. Capitalization on the stock market can be a tricky information. And we believe the franchise model is outstanding is make revenue and develop a community.

The Ana.zon mission is simple : create new patterns, new dimensions from the principes we developed because it s the only way for a sustainable economical life and centered on human, not on the debt. AI could help a lot to create new patterns , new stories and the cryptos technology will send back to life the large diversity of coinage during History.

The first mission of an entrepreneur is saying a story ! ....