The concept : PARETO5%™ by Coach Michael "Crazy leg" LAURENT

We think that generative AI will probably change Pareto principle  so that fewer and fewer people will be more and more productive.

But we believe that the lack of mastery of fundamental human aspects will considerably accentuate this situation.

Generative AI will require a new form of socialization … much more based on the concrete use of this intelligence. A bit like a sniper with his weapon or a fighter pilot with his plane...

PARETO 5% is a concept aimed at reconnecting humans to their social, sporting, artistic, economic, intellectual fundamentals... through events and entrepreneurial projects, so that there can be an optimal use of AI. attempt that enters our lives, like the internet in 1995.

Disability taught me that it's not all about productivity or control, it's all about the story we write and our impact on others!

Generative AI can help us build stories but our impact on others depends fully on the way we master our fundamentals ! AI will increase on impact on others but can t work on our fundamentals ! ....

if we have bad intentions , AI will make us worst

if we have good intentions, AI will make us better 

if we have low skills, AI will improve us 

if We have high skills, AI will make us become like Gods