The Health To Wealth Economic model™ ! rich vs wealthy

What is Wealth ? Wealth is the ability to create income on a passive or active way ..

Wealth the not related with an amount of money , wealth is the ability to make money !

Wealth requires a skill, and does not require clients … unlike being rich. Being rich is related with the amount of money you have. And so, you need people to give you money …

For example, a Trader has the skill to make money from the stock market, he understands how it works and how to use it.

A Medical Doctor has the skill to heal people

A pro athlete has the temporary skill to perform physically …. And show off, catch an audience

etc, etc ……

If you use well your skill , you stimulate the offer in an economic circle …. And it s not difficult for a sustainable offer to fit with a demand ! No more need , debt or massive production.

So, we believe in a real economic model, Health 2 Wealth ! The right people around us can help us to develop our skill and an innovative monetary model like the CREDAT can bring us at the next level.