The main différence between abrahamic religions and asiatic beliefs …… is there is no help !

In this wonderful creation which is the Universe, you observe like a child, you live, you are a part of this wonderful creation, so, your existence is necessary …so, it s confortable for ego …..(human can see the creation, so human being is better than other animals) and so, what happen to you should happen because this creation is so beautiful that can t harm .. and in the journey of life being managed by rules, you grow ! But also, by finding meanings and forcing others accept your meanings

In asiatic beliefs, your existence is the result of an infinite line of causes and consequences ….. you grow if you accept it and if you cut this line to create another one … it requires a deep self awareness to identify what is you and what is inherited from education or family context , a deep ability to have a clear view of what is happening , a clear perception and a clear ability to draw a vision … it s re creation !! Being your own god. 

The universe is born after a meditation from Brahma , says the Indian tradition … it s like coming back in childhood. A little child is too happy being himself and in his universe to harm others