The MOCKING GEM™, our jewelery Brand !

Mocking gem is a jewelry brand linked with the coaching program mind and strength offense, to know how to deal with APPEARANCE AND JUDGEMENTS , from my pro experience in the jewelry industry.

What is appearance ? Appearance is the message you want people see … it’s a social tool !

If you buy products from a luxury brand, you want the people see you belong an elite social circle …. But people can find fake luxury products and you can belong a much larger social circle … A luxury brand shares also social values, but often universal.  

It means, you spent money to impress people who can afford something fake or similar … Lab grown diamonds are much less expensive and can look like a big natural stones wear by a movie or music. So, luxury brands can t survivre reaching only the best Elite , they must also touch the more average consumers.

The true real asset of a luxury brand is their heritage …. To sell a social experience.

With the mocking gem, I want to sell you YOUR SOCIAL EXPERIENCE . I want gem I find for you from my background in the business, which has a meaning for you , which fit with your message, build your legacy , develop your own social interactions without serve the communication of a luxury company ….

Luxury means light, wanna serve your light !