The Real link East West from an Indian wisdom !

God works in Jerusalem but thinks about Mount Kailash.” from MAHANIDHI

The Abrahamic religions are revealed……. This means that they do not relate to experience, but to transmission, they are part of an age-old link

1) The Pope is the successor of the first apostle of Jesus

2) Shiite Islam brings down the teaching of someone close to the Prophet

3) And the Jewish Masiah must come from the lineage of King David. The most sacred place in Judaism is the one where God prevented Abraham from killing Isaac, it is the place on earth where God would have acted physically.

So, so concerned with being closest to the purest lineage, believers forgot the message….

Judaism has provided treasures of lessons for a healthy life in society…..

Christianity has been very interested in human rights and the individual, with its Hellenic heritage.

And Islam has sought to universalize this on basic principles (613 rules in Judaism, 5 in Islam) to make it more accessible.

Cradle of three religions God works there because believers focus on pleasing him, as one seeks to please a boss.

Religion is above all a matter of experience and personal accomplishment in Asia…. The Master is the one who is more advanced in accomplishment.

Mount Kailash, sacred in most Asian religions…. Is supposed to be the place where human consciousness can seek the greatest elevation!

The religions of Asia are about becoming a child again, and being reborn oneself

If the Abrahamic religions are to be employees, they might as well be good ones…. The good employee tries to surprise his boss! Stop following what you think you know about God, surprise him!