The "YOU"™ Economics

The only way to cope with the trap of the debt worldwide is changing our perception of the economics.

Liquidity is not the problem, but the trap !

The principle of the "YOU" ECONOMICS™ is : How you influence positively « other 's life » ?

The "YOU" ECONOMICS is based on compassion and ability to listen. To influence positively others, it s better to understand them the best. Education is the Key of a positive socio economical life.

- The "YOU" ECONOMICS is based on the fact that financial liquidity can be easily created by our CREDAT.

- The "YOU" ECONOMICS is transforming the I in a story that can help us to become more compassionate because we are driven by a motivation to impact.

The "You" economics is designed for people, not helped by the financial access. The real capital if a company is only the value you can add.

My experience in the luxury industry made me aware on the dependency of the financial industry and the lack of adaptability. 

PS : Feel free to read the article in French from a former investment banker , it gives the taste of the massive challenge