The "YOU" Economics™ : my Inclusive Economic Model

Mastered in 2004, with honorable mention, , one year after cancer and leg amputation, I suffered a lot the rigid conformity in the society. I planned to get a training to specialize in a my area and become really performant, but a disabled could not lead in the social perception at this time.

Family and people around me put pressure to become a classical salaryman, but stereotype against disabled only reserved them low class job and low working rythm.

In life, you have a boss or client… I could not accept a boss without fully recover from cancer, and to have clients I need a specialization. But in Fact, the huge part of the financial system in our economies make them linked with the Pavlovian effect ! Money become the pre requisite for any action. In this system, create value is not the guarantee to make money, …Be close to the source of money is better.

So, if I touched the luxury industry, the movie industry, and the coin business …. My career never been stable and skyrocket.

In France , but also in many countries, the right degree , the right background at the right time seem the key for a successful career. But a Degree show nothing about your character and reliability. It showed you have acquired useful knowledge and you are able to use it….

In our society of production and consumption, we need standardized people to accomplish standardized tasks… even at a high level.

The Money flows for the States and for big corporations ….. Why being creative ? Why a job could have a meaning ? Why adding value ?

Disabled people are disconnected from Standardization, and creative and innovative disabled like me has been clearly out. The classical business model is disconnected from our own needs and wishes and disconnected from others……

Now, knowledge is largely accessible …. A Degree is less prestigious than 20 years ago ! We can be train to be efficient in many fields quickly. And mental stability become a precious asset. Character, reliability, efficiency are precious qualities for any employers .

OUR INCLUSIVE BUSINESS MODEL is based on something simple :

We can mesure profit, not impact

We can measure production, not wealth

We can measure knowledge, not character.

We can measure financial liquidity, not financial usefulness.

We believe that the development of AI and global communication enhance the opportunity to show your real character your skills, your ability, your passion to impact the world ….. In a de globalized economy which is struggling in the West, the difference will be made by those who can change the flow of events at any level.

We think the development of crypto assets offers a way to diversify the financial liquidity, like it was during History until the last decades. The British pound has been decimalized only in 1971. We consider the monetary diversification a necessary condition for a sustainable economy