TIME, MONEY and HEALTH through the life

There is a common comment that said we can t have in the same time , health time and money ....

A young person have time and good health in general but no money !

A middle age person has money, still good health but no time 

and an older person has money,  time, but not anymore a good health ...

but we think about this problem through the years ! instead to see what the people need. 

A young person needs money so, need to improve his skills and get good education and good network ! 

a middle age person needs time, so, ..... important to do as a job what you love , and be well surrounded .

An older person needs health so, need to be able to care about himself. and also be well surrounded. but if a young person had been well educated and did what she wanted to do in life, ... no doubt older years will be sweet. 

So anytime in the life, we can have the three things, but NOT ALONE