Trying to find the point connecting West and East in spiritual traditions

« God » is the Force in Star Wars movies , the interconnection between everything in the universe …..

Our ability to reach the Force is our consciousness , not our mind ….Our mind is connected with our body and also filled with thoughts and trauma. Our consciousness is our ability to see above our mind and it s not affected by live events. Our consciousness is visible in the dreams. It must be trained and cultivated.

I suppose the complexity of our brain system and our homeostasis give us a potential for an high level of consciouness.

THe Universe is based on Duality. Unilke the FORCE, so, to reach an high level of consciousness, the human being must cultivate detachment and compassion. So, the human consciousness could be a part of the FORCE not enough well trained to remain in the FORCE. So, I see there all the practices about Karma and enlightenment.

So, life should be based on collective mind because the human being is a social being, detachment and compassion.

However, Abrahamic religions which help the weak mind of some human beings telling them super God manage everything, care about them and create the human being as the supreme creature …… misinterpret Mind and Consciousness.

FOR THEM, The ultimate consciousness is seem only touchable by God and they focus to compress emotions to overcome them and pay back the original fault. Only esoteric teachings of abrahamic reliions are much closer to the dharma teachings.

THe human journey is so based on the training of the consciousness , the ability to surround with the right people for each of us by a large self understanding and the ability to create something and influence the universe . Former Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius said « what we do in life echoes in eternity » . The first step of a pure creation is a clear vision.

1) Self understanding without begging for love

2) Receiving without asking

3) Giving without hoping anything 

are pure forms of non duality