We think healing as a relationship between MD or practionner and patient ….. But it s not.

Healing is the ability to reorganize the life force of a patient, through the Homestasis of the body … Hippocrates said « PRIMUM NON NOCERE », « first don t harm », this warning should be the pillar of the medicine : be less intrusive as possible, by being smart and impactful. But the life force of a patient is also related with his environment.

And if the patient has to be responsible of his own health, he can t necessary be responsible of his environment than can impact his health.

so, if the Western MD is focus to heal the organ, the Amchi sees the whole body,…… A real healer must have also a social confidence and be socially inspiring to impact also the social dimension.

That s the sense of sowarigpa.health , and my interest to build a social model based on the quote of his Holiness : « the purpose of life is being happy and useful »

- The Mind and strength offense and the 8 rules of coach Michael « crazy leg » Laurent

Board member of the International american football academy , I am in charge of a program in mental health and leadership I named « mind and strength offense » , as a reference to the game. It focused on resilience and différent ways to deal with adversity , it s very empirical, with prestigious guests ….. it s designed for young people , and based on my rules as a coach.

-  The Health to Wealth economic model.

Based on the fact economical struggles can be cause of a lot of health problems, the H2W economic model explains the struggles of the current system and how to get out , using the current tools. It just requires a mind shift on these topics where people must relearn than they think they know. Love and money are the most complex topics during the human journey.

Social perceptions can be really tricky …. So, it s time to really understand the fundamentals. Too many lives are wasted under tricky perceptions !