Why Westerners struggle to understand the rest of the world ?

it s important to understand Europe and his extension, USA, have ruled the world the last 500 years. The History of the world is written on a western point of view. Even a map of the world put Europe in the center.

European culture has booth  greek and abrahamic roots. Antic greeks were proud of their rationality and logic , and Abrahamic roots put the human being as the main specie on this planet.

Europe also has been unofficially ruled by the catholic church during 1000 years ….

So, the western world is really a SELF CENTERED culture in his DNA…… and Europe see the blossom of Christianity who has considered be the new « chosen people » by God.

The wars and the bad resources management in europe lead to the development of industry ….. which skyrocketed the last 200 years, especially with a top monetary engineering .

So, West is really a culture of action , but without so much thinking for the common good and nota. big focus on inner intelligence. So West is a culture of RE ACTION : analyzing a situation and do something by strength

What would have happen if Chinese admiral ZHENG HE had accosted in the Lisboa harbor in 1414 with a amazing fleet ? NEVER AN EUROPEAN COULD HAVE « discovered » America ! Some people would have wanted to be friends with chinese, others to fight them

It would have been trauma to have discovered a such superiority .When Marco Polo came back from China, he was put in jail because no one could believe his story.

2 world wars happen from the European ground, maybe 3 .

But if you consider the deep roots of Europe, it s a lot of different tribes and people who tried to be unify during 2000 years through roman empire , Christianity , Carolingian empire , Holy German roman empire , French, Nazi and European Union ….


There is a European common story ….. all Royal families are connected to each others, language too are connected ! We shared common events …. We are our best friends and ennemies

so, being self centered is our only way to avoid to fight each other.

The real nature of Europe and the west would have been a federation ….. but a federation needs powerful leaders with great visions

so, if you want to connect with a lost federation, make a friend inside !